Dan Aguilar



Digital Media B.A





Daniel is a marketing professional with passion for digital media, web development and technology. His degrees and certifications have helped him prepare competitive digital content for the World Wide Web. Daniel also has experience in business development, marketing, promotions, and event planning. UCF alumni | Digital Media & Marketing B.A



Proficiency in HTML and CSS, I use these daily in order to manipulate landing pages and email campaigns. I can identify bugs and troubleshoot. Rudimentary experience with JS.


Experience creating digital assets to implement either into marketing campaigns, both digital and print. I use Adobe tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Rudimentary experience with Premiere.


Extensive experience in Content Management Systems, specially in WordPress and Magento, I also work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in order to create effective email campaigns.



Companies I have Worked For

As a professional, I have worked for business environments in an array of areas like Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Promotions, Event Management, Design, and more.









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